St. Patrick #2

The captured teenaged slave was sent out to tend flocks.  His only obvious companionship were the animals he tended.  His nourishment was sparse, as was his shelter.  As he watched the landscape change with the seasons, the migration of birds and studied the stars at night he sensed the presence of God.  In the blowing breezes he knew the Spirit of the Lord was with him.  Gradually the the Christian faith he had been taught migrated from his head to his heart.  Now God’s creation became his teacher in the solitude of an Irish pasture.  His faith was made alive.

Patrick wrote, “I prayed a hundred prayers a day and at night I would pray more.”  The slave of Miliuc became the slave of Christ.  The wild heart tamed by the ever present helper.  “So our hope is in the Lord.  He is our help, our shield to protect us.” Psalm 33:20, NCV

What a great encouragement for every mother and father who faithfully worship God, with their children at a family altar and in the services of the church.  God’s Word abides forever in their hearts.  In times of life’s greatest challenges, God is always present bringing back to their memories what they learned as a child.

The little servant boy was on his way to becoming God’s messenger of love and redemption for Ireland.  Like Joseph of the Bible sold into slavery, what was meant for evil God meant for good.  And like Joseph he had a dream.

Tomorrow Patrick’s dream.

Do you have family altar?  If so please share your experiences, please.

Peace and Joy!

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