Responding to God

We will soon begin a partial fast at Woodland Church.  It’s a spiritual discipline, that I’m grateful to have learned as a young man.  Fasting is a proper way to respond to God during grief, a crisis, or as an act of contrition.  We will seek the Lord with our spirit, soul and body. The Biblical story encourages us with the fasts of men like Daniel and Nehemiah and women like Esther.  God met with them when they fasted during a crisis.  Wow! 

The earthquake in Haiti, the two wars America are fighting in addition to the global war on terrorism, the economic uncertainty, families hurt, the needs of the marginalized are all indicative that this is a time to humble ourselves before the Lord and seek His face. 

The thought of our Woodland Family fasting together before the Lord for twenty-one days is one of joy, peace and hope.  As the old song says, “Where could I go but to the Lord?”

For the next few evenings I will write about the fast and how to prepare for it.

Peace and Joy

One thought on “Responding to God

  1. I am really looking forward to the time of fasting. Good things always come out of it. Sorta makes me wonder why I don’t do it more often. I will be gone for one week of the fast but will be excited to get home to join in. Thanks, Pastor

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