The President speaks to students today

Becky and I have been discussing the President’s speech to students this weekend. Due to all the controversy during the past week, we were anxious to read the speech when it was made available yesterday.

We both think that it is a terrific speech. It’s encouraging and motivating. It’s not political or a clever attempt to seduce a child to join a political party.

I understand why so many parents and conservatives have been concerned. Politics have polarized our citizens and communities. Well funded organizations work hard to divide and conquer.

The social struggles we face are real conflicts with strong emotions attached to them. Rather than inflame, it is important that our political leaders reach out to lead and heal. It takes citizens, not consumers or voters to have a community and a country.

Peace and Joy!

One thought on “The President speaks to students today

  1. It wasn’t the message to the students that conservatives were upset about. Although it’s a message that parents should be delivering. It was the 4 page instructions that our federal department of education put together to guide the teachers in what to do after the speech.

    It was only after conservatives brought it to everyone’s attention that the administration had to back pedal and rewrite the speech.

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