Building a Close Knit Family

When I got home this evening one of our sons was cooking dinner, our youngest son was getting home from his first day of college shocked at how much textbooks cost and our daughter had done the laundry and did basic house cleaning for us.  Becky has been struggling with a cold and it was a tremendous relief to her to be able to come in and sit down for dinner.  Just before everything was on the table one of our friends from church dropped off one of the best gifts of summer, fresh homegrown tomatoes.

When we were just about done with dinner our oldest son and his beautiful bride called and we visited on the phone just enjoying one another’s voices.  I especially enjoying the sounds of their new lives beginning.

Afterwards, I reflected on how God has blessed me with a family.  He is the reason that we have a close knit family.  The most important thing for them to know is that knowing God is the most important thing in their lives.

It’s amazing what God has done.

Peace and Joy!

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