I can’t believe its August

Summer is quickly passing as usual.  The beauty of living in Michigan in summertime is still a wonder to me.  Growing up down South, we looked for shade, or ducked into the air-conditioning to escape the heat.  Now I look for the sun, avoid the shade and indoors just to be able to enjoy the fresh air and flowers.  Especially the flowers. 

I laugh when people complain about hot it is or how muggy it is.  Whew, you should try August in the deep South and you would kneel down and thank God for the breezes from the Great Lakes and the smell of the pines.

Tonight, I went for a run and enjoyed seeing so many of my neighbors outside.  Our neighborhood was filled with laughter, music and the smell of grilled food.  Children and adults were playing together.  As usual there were teenagers walking down the street together, laughing and talking on cell phones.  One passed me riding a bicycle and talking on a cell phone.

It makes me look forward to the day when Christ returns and establishes his kingdom and there will be peace all over the earth.  Old men will listen to the laughter of children in the streets.

Peace and Joy!

One thought on “I can’t believe its August

  1. I just returned from a long weekend in northern Michigan and know exactly what you are talking about Pastor. The beauty and the sites and smells. The smell of pine and the view of a north woods lake is just about tops in my book. I look forward to a time when we will all expierience the best that God has to offer while sitting in His presence.

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