Study Break

Today I began my summer study break with three major goals.  One is to draw aside to spend more time in worship and prayer.   The second is to prepare for our annual pastor’s church vision and planning retreat in October.  Finally to prepare for the second half of my preaching schedule.  I covet your prayers for this time to be flourishing and fruitful.  

In the mornings I will be spending extended time in prayer, worship and God’s Word.  Time spent prayerfully listening to the Lord and journaling is fundamental to a pastor’s ability to lead a congregation in Christ.  Pray that I will have a deeper intimacy with the Lord.

In the afternoon I will be reviewing the messages and staff reviews from the first six months of the year, outlining the messages for the second half of the year.  I speak almost every Sunday, many Wednesdays, and a number of leadership lessons and small group studies each year.  

And finally, I do calendar planning and reviewing our ministries department reports that our pastoral staff have given me.   It’s a rewarding time and in the evenings Becky and I enjoy dinner together.  Ben and Aimee are away and Christopher is in class.  Just the two of us!

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