Committed Follower of Christ – Coach Ed Thomas

Coach Thomas

Coach Thomas

I was driving home from a Dave Ramesey luncheon when the news reported the murder of Coach Ed Thomas.  The story was shocking.  An audible groan immediately came forth as the report continued.  This morning at the Between Two World blog I learned something else about Coach Thomas.

Aaron Kampan, linebacker for the Green Bay Packers, released the following statement.

“Coach Thomas was very special to me and many other young men from the Aplington-Parkersburg communities.  His legacy for many will be identified with his tremendous success as a football coach.  However I believe his largest legacy comes not in how many football games he won or lost but in the fact that he was a committed follower of Jesus Christ.  He lived his life trying to exemplify this faith and convey those values to those under his influence.   His faith in Christ pervaded everything that he did and that is why in the midst of the heartache we all feel there is comfort in knowing that he is with his Savior.”

One thought on “Committed Follower of Christ – Coach Ed Thomas

  1. In this day and age of spoiled atheletes, its nice to hear one speak of “faith” and a “savior” (Jesus) in their life. Very inspiring. Praise God!

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