Ben’s Party

Benjamin’s graduation party is today.  Thunder and lightening began around 5:00 AM.  I watched the flashes of light illuminate the tents on our back lawn.  Thankfully we have a garage for food and drinks.  Plenty of room for people to squeeze inside the house.  The rain is falling steadily and the birds seem to be enjoying themselves.  They’re  twittering.

I just looked at and we’re in for a long wet day.

Becky and I are meeting with a couple at 8:00 AM that will be getting married in just a few days.  This rain reminds me of April in Paris.  Romantic couples like rainy days.  High School graduates who want to have a party don’t.  I always want to fix things.  But as the President said to Rick Warren in response to a question, “That’s above my pay grade.”

We are going to have fun!

Peace and Joy!

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