God at work among us!

My current series at Woodland called Creed has been a wonderful journey of revisiting why we believe what we believe.  One of the great blessings of preaching and teaching is how you personally grow as you pray and study.  Reminders of my own faith journey have popped up over and over as we have considered the great topics of how God has revealed himself as Father, Son and Holy Spirit.  I certainly have not plumbed the depths of how great God is, oh but I have  been at times overcome with joy and conviction.  Joy for the amazing grace we have been given.  Conviction of how dimly I radiate his great love for all.

Currently I’m in a series within the series entitled Creed.  We’ve looked at How God changes us, How God empowers us and this Sunday is How God changes the World through us.  Last night for our midweek service we studied what the Bible has to say about God’s supernatural work through us.  Thrilling stuff!

I rejoice in the potential for good that we are able to do for one another.  As I live out the call to be a passionate follower of Christ with the church, I see first hand the joy of Christian community.  However, I’m so glad that we are not limited to the best of human creativity, love and kindness.  The gifts of the Holy Spirit are distributed among us for the good of all, the Scriptures teach us.  Let’s discover and develop those gifts that God’s glory and love might be magnificently displayed among us!

Peace and Joy

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