Andrew flew home, last weekend for a brief visit.  Dana’s bridal shower was held at Woodland.  They are so happy and of course so are we!  We consider Dana an answer to prayers we have offered since he was a baby.

Over the years we have prayed for our children’s wive or husband.  We’ve prayed for God’s grace and peace in their life, for wisdom for their parents and for their church.   We didn’t realize that Dana was right there.  God is so good!

Our commitment Sunday for Dream 1.2 was an incredible experience.  I can’t wait for this Sunday and our Celebration Sunday.  My topic is going to be The Power of Everybody yielded to the Holy Spirit.

On another topic, for Lent, those things that I have given up for the season are only making me appreciate them more.   Just a couple of brief thoughts regarding that.  

The first, I’m fasting from what God has already given me richly to enjoy.  The second is by fasting from those things of joy, I appreciate His immense love and purpose more.  The third is I am eagerly anticipating enjoying them again.  It’s almost like a child like anticipation.

I have also chosen a news fast for the season.  That has been a huge challenge.  It’s amazing how curious I am.  When someone tells me what’s happening, I tell them to give me all the detail.  Yet, the longer the news fast goes on, the more I realize that I don’t need as much news as I was accustomed to listening to.   And I have been amazed at how many people have said to me, I should fast the news as well.  They are discouraged by the news they are reading or listening to.  Today a sweet spirited lady, said to me, “Just listening to the news makes me so angry.”  Hmm maybe some of the anger and bitter spirit in our society is being fueled by an addiction to the “news.”

I don’t miss the angry voices of the commentators and talk show hosts.

I want to be more like Jesus and come preaching the “Good News!”

Peace and Joy!

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