Meet Dennis Kargol

Meet Dennis Kargol.  He is married to Rose Marie and they have three children and a Bichon.  They are passionate followers of Christ.  He is a type of Indiana Jones serving Christ.  He has the mind of scientest and is well read and studied in the subject.  He has a special interest also in history and politics and makes a positive difference with his involvement.   

dennis-kargol-and-meDennis and I met for lunch to discuss his recent missions trip to the nation of Georgia.  Following the recent invasion of the nation by Russia I was keenly interested in his observations and experience.  Imagine how encouraging to listen to his experiences with some fervent Christians.  Although the evidence of the invasion was starkly evident the church is rising up to serve and proclaim the Good News of Christ.  One of the tragedies are the children who were orphaned because of the invasion.   I was grateful to hear of the Georgian Church’s care to these children.

Dennis is a great example of a man who has retired from business and begun this next phase of his life by serving in foreign cultures.  Twice a year he leaves for a missions trip in a third world nation to be a servant to the body of Christ.  He bravely visited the nation of Iraq to serve the church there despite the suicide bombers and the war.  He and his beautiful wife, Rose Marie, serve as small group leaders here at Woodland.  They are using their spiritual gifts, talents and experiences to persuade others to become passionate followers of Christ!

I’m glad they are my friends!

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