I had lunch with a friend who is a therapist today.   He made a statement that I thought I should share with you.  “The best form of revenge is a life well lived.”  Tom is great brother in Christ and a professional that is a credit to his field.  I am a better pastor because of people like him and hey I feel healthier after our conversation and tuna sandwiches.


While we were having lunch today I saw a friend who just moved back to our area from El Paso, Texas.  It was great to see her and meet her friend Randy.  What a shock to move from sunny El Paso back to sunny and snowy Michigan.  I remember when she crossed the line and committed her life Jesus Christ at Woodland Church.  When she moved away, we all felt a loss.  Home comings are great.  Welcome home, Marianna!

Here are some more friends!


That’s Pastor Matt, Connor, me and Nate.  Good men!  Matt is good pastor and invests his life into students and children night and day!

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