Uncommon with Tony Dungy

“I want to do more than accumulate stuff. I want to achieve significance” the young man said to me this week. It is those conversations that gives me hope for emerging leaders. Our culture has some very positive role models to offer uncommon paths to arrive at significance.  It’s important that we identify and listen to them.  Today I attended Dare to be Uncommon at Woodland Church with a few friends.  It was a live event via satellite.

Tony Dungy, recently retired Indianapolis Colts coach, wisely counseled follow the Lord. It is not always the popular way but it is the right way. You will achieve significance by following Christ.

Steven Arterburn encouraged all of us who have failed. He pointed out that God has a way of entering our failures with his grace and making it look like that was his plan all along. He used former prisoner Chuck Colson as an example.

Bill Dallas shared his very moving testimony of his conversion to Christ, journey from San Quentin prision to founder of CCN.

These men are doing something significant by taking the Uncommon Path!

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