Sarah Palin

Sarah Palin burst onto the national political scene just few weeks ago and was immediately the number one news story for a couple of weeks.  Becky and I went to hear her speak and we were surprised at how many people showed up to hear and greet her.  We enjoyed her talk and enthusiasm.  She spoke to ideas that we share, regarding family, country and faith.  

Frankly, I am impressed with this woman.  She served her local community PTA, been elected mayor, elected governor of Alaska and was now the Vice Presidential Nominee of the GOP.

Friends of mine that know her began to call and tell me about her faith, family and her now famous hunting trips.  Their stories revealed the kind of ordinary woman, that sincerely wanted to make a difference.  God really does use ordinary people in extraordinary ways.  I wonder if most of the people who have made most of the difference in our world were simply ordinary people determined to live extraordinary lives of excellence.  

It seems to me that Governor Palin has made some extraordinary decisions with excellence.  For instance, balancing a professional life while remaining a woman of faith and faithful to her husband and children.  Consider giving birth to an extraordinary child like Trig.  That decision alone is so counter cultural.   The journal Prenatal Diagnosis, reports that that upwards of eighty five percent of parents who receive a diagnosis of prenatal Down Syndrome elect to terminate the pregnancy.  You know what else is amazing, you almost never meet an unhappy person with Down Syndrome.  It’s just that the culture is saying to parents, abort this child.

Recently at Woodland, a young couple told me they were rudely advised to abort their baby because it was “possible” that it was a Down Syndrome child.  Thankfully they didn’t.  They welcomed their son as a gift from God conceived in love and he’s wonderful.  I have his picture in my PDA as a reminder of an ordinary couple and their excellent decision in extraordinary circumstances.

We wake up, get our families off to school and we go to work because we love them.  We come home and spend the best part of our days with one another.  We worship on Sunday’s with extended family in Christ.  While we live our lives to the best of our abilities, it doesn’t seem so extraordinary.  That is until you have the opportunity and challenge of making an extraordinary decision.

These decisions perhaps qualify us more than academic or business credentials.  It has a lot to do with faith, hope, love and integrity.

One thing is for sure.  Regardless of whether the McCain/Palin ticket wins the White House.  The Palins have made an impact on our culture.  Parents will remember Trig and the Governor’s family who welcomed and loved him.  Perhaps because of their national exposure they have made a cultural impact.  They certainly have gone against the flow of modern culture by supporting a culture of life.  This is one reason, I am willing to trust her.

Just one more closing comment to think about.  Mother Teresa said in her Nobel Prize speech “the greatest destroyer of peace is abortion… We who are standing here today our parents wanted us.”  

“Many who are greatest now will be least important then, and those who seem least important now will be the greatest then.” Mark 10:31 (NLT)

Peace and love in the Holy Spirit!

One thought on “Sarah Palin

  1. Sarah Palin’s story is extraordinary! She was an ordinary citizen, like the rest of us, who wanted to make a difference and decided to run for local office. I think it’s horrible how the media has treated her and her family. It makes people not want to run for public office.

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