Teach Them to Worship

Recently, I watched one of my grandsons worship the Lord. Little hands lifted in the air in love. Immediately, I remembered his Daddy, our son worship the Lord as little one, a teenager, and a young single adult. This summer we were able to worship with him and his family together. Such joy, that I can’t explain to see another generation of the Clanton family, serving Christ. You and I were created to know and enjoy God. There is an increasing desire to know and experience his wonderful presence. In a restaurant recently, someone said to me, I want to know the Lord. God wants you to know him, more than you want to know him. David, could not, would not rest on his achievements, he wanted to build a sanctuary for the Lord. I understand this verse, there is no rest in life until one knows and worships the Lord.

I will not go home; I will not let myself rest. I will not let my eyes sleep nor close my eyelids in slumber until I find a place to build a house for the Lord, a sanctuary for the Mighty One of Israel.” Psalm 132:3–5

God told David, you will not be the one to build the sanctuary, but you can get everything ready for the next generation to build it. That was enough for David. He knew the heart of God and he really did prepare, his son, Solomon well. “I have worked hard to provide materials for building the Temple of the Lord … You have a large number of skilled [artisans]… Now begin the work, and may the Lord be with you!” 1 Chronicles 22:14–16

There is a lesson there. Whether we are pastors, parents, aunts and uncles, community leaders we have a responsibility to disciple and prepare the next generation well. If we neglect that, there are others who will seize the moment to teach and train your children.

Sometimes it may seem inconvenient to have another family devotional, inconvenient to get up on Sunday morning and bring your family to worship with you and other children. It is more important than school or sports. Those are very important but knowing and serving God with your local church has so much more benefit to you and your family. The blessings will follow your children and you for generations to come. Let’s not rest until we build houses of worship where we live.


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