On Being a Grandfather

Our Family 2020-02-14

There is a time fondly remembered of serving God by doing life as a youth pastor. Monday nights worshipping the Lord with Becky and a band called Dove, teaching the Bible to fully alive students and a great team of volunteers. Afterwards there were games in the gymnasium, and lots of good food in Sonlight! Wednesday’s were devoted to children’s ministries, Friday mornings meeting at the local high school for Bible study, Friday night lights at the high school football games, Saturdays rafting trips, hay rides, picnics, concerts, and Saturday Prayer Service at 6:00 pm, and Sunday mornings teaching a boys Junior High Class! We were a long way from becoming parents and the thought of becoming grandparents were in a “galaxy far away.”

Josiah and Me

How quickly life has flown by! I look back on life with joyful gratitude, and awe at God’s works of grace and healing. We have raised four wonderful children. They have given us so much joy and delight. However, I fully embrace the time of life that I am now privileged to live.

Becky and Bear

I energetically look forward to the future with eager anticipation. Now I’m in either the latter part of the third quarter of life or in the beginning of the fourth quarter. Though, I don’t get invited to speak to youth camps any longer. I remember well, the first Senior Citizens retreat that I spoke to. Although, I learned mor than they learned from me. They were embarrassingly honest about aging at times! 🙂

In this season of life, this scripture burns inside of me. “Grandchildren are the crowning glory of the aged; parents are the pride of their children.” (Proverbs 17:6)

What a blast they are! They like my songs, my jokes, my riddles, and my stories.

  • They want to know why I sing the songs that I sing.
  • They say, “tell me a story, Papa!” They want to hear it again.
  • They wear me out on a trampoline. You will never believe how long a ten year old and seven year old boy can jump. Papa had to take two Motrin when we were done. When I wouldcollapse and catch my breath, Nolan and Davin would snuggle up next to me.
  • One night, Davin said, “Papa, I don’t want you to die.” Where did that thought come from? I told him dying men don’t jump on trampolines and we jumped some more, while he and his brother laughed.
  • They play video games with skill and I get a shellacking.

It did wake me up in the night thinking about my role in their life. The Bible teaches grandparents to also tell their grandchildren of God’s faithful love. We can them of God’s love for them, how God has a plan for their life, how much they mean to us, how much their parents mean to us, we can teach them to love God’s Word, and teach them songs of faith.

If God blesses me with the years to see my grandchildren become parents themselves, then I want them to see me age faithfully. I want them to see me grateful for the blessings of this life but not in love with its comforts. I do want them to see me eagerly looking forward to seeing Jesus when I pass through that thin veil separating this life from the life that awaits. Never, never, never, my grandsons think that the grave is the end! Our hope is in the risen Savior that defeated the grave and left it empty!

  • What kind of relationship do you have with your grandparents?
  • What can you do to build that relationship?
  • What are your thoughts about getting older?
  • What legacy to you want to leave for your grandchildren?
  • If you live a distance from your grandchildren how do you stay in touch?


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