Memorial Day 2021

We are grateful for those who gave up their lives in defense of our nation’s liberties. Their valor should always be gratefully acknowledged. If as a nation we ever take for granted their sacrifices, we no longer deserve our freedom. I should think it would not be long then that the nation would lose its freedom. My heart goes out to those who have buried a loved one who died defending our nation.

Therefore, let us remind our children and grandchildren why we have this three-day weekend. The memorial services, the laying of wreaths, and the visits to cemeteries sober us. The Bible says that it is better to attend a funeral than a party. We are reminded of the brevity of our lives and the accounting that each of us will have to make.

Let us not hesitate to gather for picnics and barbecues though. These are among the reasons that our sons and daughters of liberty gave their lives. However, tell their stories. Acknowledge why they went to war. Remember and pray that war will not be necessary again. It is one of the many reasons we have Memorial Day to remember the terrible cost of war and work together to ensure that war isn’t necessary for the future.

In the fallen world we live in there are times when war is necessary to protect and defend our freedoms from evil people. There will be days in the future because this is a broken and fallen world when war will be declared again. Let’s build a legacy of gratitude and a repertoire of inspiring stories then so that our children will remember why.

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