When You Feel Empty

The bucket descended into the well with a splat, sank, and my Dad or Uncle Albert would pull the leaking bucket back to the top of the well. It’s a fond memory of cold, clear water that tasted so good, drunk out of a dipper. I was frightened by the well. My parents, uncles and aunts, and Grandmother Clanton always warned about being to close to the well; you could fall in. Even though there was a solid wood frame with shelves around it. I was warned. Dad would hold me over the well so I could see down into it.

Life comes at you fast! You have experienced it. Covid, your compliant child becomes an independent minded teenager, your life long friend moves across country and you weren’t prepared. Perhaps you have leaked, and you are unprepared and feel empty. There is hope.

Ephesians 5:18b-19 “Be filled with the Holy Spirit, singing psalms and hymns and spiritual songs among yourselves, and making music to the Lord in your hearts.”

The sentence declares that all of us have a need to be filled with a fresh flow of the Holy Spirit. Our lives are like the bucket in our well, there’s an abundance of water, to refill the empty bucket. My Dad told me even in the worst droughts the well on the farm never ran dry. It was always filled with fresh cold water from the underground springs.

There is always an abundance to draw from God’s Holy Spirit. One of the word pictures to describe what God’s Spirit is like is living water. Living water was flowing water! Our well was fed by springs that never stopped flowing. God’s living water will pour into your lives. How? Just ask and receive.

Some people are frightened by thought of being filled with God’s Spirit. It’s not unusual, the children of Israel were frightened by God’s presence. It’s wise and good to possess a godly reverence of God’s presence. He is like the untamed lion in Narnia. He is altogether good but terrible as well. But go ahead He invites you to draw near and be filled with His Spirit. Then you too can go and crush whatever fastballs that life throws at you, full of God’s Spirit. Who knows you might be singing a song while you do it!

One thought on “When You Feel Empty

  1. Amen Pastor. With Jesus in the center of our life, we do have an abundance of living water and hope. Thank you for this encouraging message.

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