Memorial Day Reflections

Planting flags, patriotic music, prayers, and memory is how we remember those who gave their lives defending our freedom. Today, President Trump laid the wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Arlington, a place my Dad loved to visit. He would always reflect and tell me a story or two. He always reminded me that there were families who never knew what became of their loved ones that went missing in war. Now, I know some of those people. I remember them too.

Becky and I were given a nighttime tour of our nation’s monuments, with some friends a couple of years ago in Washington, D.C. The tour’s most moving moment for me was this. The sculpture speaks volumes. Looking at the picture I remember the CBS Evening News as Walter Cronkite recounted the casualties and wounded solders of Vietnam.

We remember that there are those who have gone before us, who laid down their lives to defend our liberties. We remember their families. We remember them before the LORD in prayer. ā€œThe memory of the righteous is a blessing,…ā€ (Proverbs 10:7, ESV) God never takes our sacrifices lightly.

Remembering today has reminded me of how important it is that we have virtuous leaders. Statesmen who legislate what is just. You cannot replace a son or daughter. It’s almost impossible to replace a statesman.

I listened to some Presidential Speeches, among them was George H. W. Bush, and Jimmy Carter. The gravitas, the dignity, the character of these men conveyed a confidence that their orders they gave to send soldiers into battle was just.

President Carter’s Delta Force was defeated by a sandstorm. I knew the family of one those who died. There was never any doubt that the mission was just. President Bush’s liberation of Kuwait was celebrated. Though both of them were one term Presidents, they are remembered as principled men. That’s success.

Finally, we need principled leaders but we also need praying churches. Be the church triumphant. We fight our battles on our knees in prayer. The fervent and righteous prayers of God’s people accomplish much. Satan’s plans are foiled, territory is taken back that he stole, and our soldiers are helped as we pray for them. God bless America!


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