Listening to God

God really does speak to us through the Bible. The Bible doesn’t have to be defended; it is a living, dangerously sharp collection of books that will penetrate your life and thoughts. Perhaps your familiar with this verse. “For the word of God is alive and powerful. It is sharper than the sharpest two-edged sword, cutting between soul and spirit, between joint and marrow. It exposes our innermost thoughts and desires.” (Hebrews 4:12 NLT) Notice the Bible is alive and powerful. It is an active and dynamic force. It is powerful. It carries out God’s plan and will for this world and you! It has the power to change your life. Like a thrusting and cutting blade it reaches the depth of a person or society’s thoughts, motivations, and desires and exposes or uncovers them.

Today my oldest son and I were talking about the difference in today’s prevailing cultural belief that people are born good and the biblical revelation that we are all sinners. If we can just give them enough education, finances, and opportunity then all will be happy and free. Of course that has not happened. So the culture wants to blame oppression on organizations. By the way organizations are people. And organizations do not save.

The Bible’s answer is salvation comes to us through faith in Christ. God’s grace is offered freely to all who believe and trust that Christ has forgiven our sins. Those seeking Christ will also discover freedom, happiness, purpose, power, and peace.

I’m grateful for my education, that my needs have been supplied, and I have enjoyed more opportunities than I deserve. However, they have no power to save and transform me. Yes, they are blessings. Sooner or later everyone will discover this truth.

God unlike governments and other organizations does not force faith upon us or seek to dominate us through force and power. Instead he invites us into a covenant. A covenant that he sealed with the blood of His Son. A covenant of love that we can freely accept or refuse. You can learn about that covenant from the Bible and through faithful preaching and teaching of the Bible.

So today make a decision and schedule time to withdraw and get quiet before God in prayer with your Bible. Turn off the television, the internet, put your phone on do not disturb and be quiet before God. Don’t be afraid of the silence or the solitude. You need this! Let me repeat that. You need the solitude. If the thought of being alone for awhile frightens or bores you, you must learn for your total well being to learn to value silence and solitude.

“One day as Rabbi Akiva was shepherding his flocks, he noticed a tiny stream trickling down a hillside, dripping over a ledge on its way toward the river below. Below was a massive boulder. Surprisingly, the rock bore a deep impression. The drip, drip, drip of water over the centuries had hollowed away the stone. Akiva commented, “If mere water can do this to hard rock, how much more can God’s Word carve a way into my heart of flesh?” Akiva realized that if the water had flowed over the rock all at once, the rock would have been unchanged. It was the slow but steady impact of each small droplet, year after year, that completely reformed the stone.” Lois Tverberg, Walking in the Dust of Rabbi Jesus

Prayerfully read your Bible. Take time to review your notes from yesterday’s message. If this is all new to you, start with just a few minutes. As you yield to His love and grace you will grow in faith. Your understanding of His work in your life will increase as will your passion for His Kingdom.


One thought on “Listening to God

  1. We as Christians ALWAYS need that steady drip of God’s word slowly, constantly dripping on us to see exactly what He has to say. Quiet time is the best way to expierience that. Thank you Pastor.

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