Trusting God When the Future Looks Hopeless

“Though he slay me, yet will I hope in him.” (Job 13:15, NIV)

“Keeps trusting the One who keeps you trusting.” John Piper

Job’s faith is remembered because when there was no hope he kept his hope in God. In a day, Job lost his family to terrorists, his livelihood and home to natural disasters, and before long his health was destroyed. God had allowed Satan to attack Job. But in all of this the Bible says Job did not sin.

We are never told why. His wife encouraged him to take his life. His friends believed his suffering was due to personal sin. His suffering was increased tremendously by their lack of compassion and faith in the man they should have known. Job had been a godly and loving husband, father, and friend to the poor as well as a respected servant leader in his community.

Yet, he kept trusting. He lamented. He questioned. He expressed his complaints, but in all of this he didn’t sin. God spoke to him finally. However, God never answered his questions, but Job heard from God. Job prayed for his friends. God vindicated Job. God blessed Job far above what he had lost.

The point today, the life application today, is lament, weep, tell God how you feel, even question respectfully what God is doing but never lose faith in the One who loves you and will never ever fail you. You may question Him, but never doubt God’s love for you.

Remember this even when those you love give up on you. God has a plan and a purpose. Pain is hard, but pain is not always bad. Sometimes the painful times in life are what make us. I can give you many examples.

Beloved, if you can stand the pulling, God will pull you through! He will bless your faithful trust in Him.


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