This Time of the Year!

Christmas ReflectionThis time of the year is always so wonderful for me! It’s Christmas! Special worship services, Christmas Eve, families and friends are getting together, parties, giving gifts, and in the middle of it all finding a quiet place by my fireplace early in the morning for quiet reflection and prayer. It’s the time when I do some of my deepest thinking as I pray. That morning time makes the Christmas celebrations with people I love, and new friends that I make so much more enjoyable.

I need that quiet time to replenish my soul and sociability quotient. This is why I am writing this post this evening. Our youth pastor prayed at our two worship services for people who struggle this time of the year. When he asked God to help and heal broken hearts and relationships inside I hurt. Christmas was God’s answer to the broken hearted, the captive, the prisoner’s pain and loneliness. Jesus came to set the captive free. Jesus came to reveal who God is, His amazing love, grace, and peace!

During this Advent season, I’ve laughed and cried. We are so blessed not only with friends to laugh and rejoice with. But also friends in the hospital, in hospice care, in nursing homes, and those who serve the needy. Hopefully, we have been able to share with all of them, just how special and what this “Time of the Year” is all about for Christians. It is Jesus!

So find a quiet spot, early in the morning or in the evening, on your run, or walking your dog without your phone or listening to music or a podcast and quietly think, pray, give thanks, and find His strength in quietness and peace. Then go and bless others this Christmas!


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