Veterans Day 2018

We remembered our Veterans today in the United States.  They have bravely defended our freedoms for generations. For us their names are a blessed memory. Those who are living and those who have died. On this 11th day of November at the eleventh hour, 100 years ago, an armistice was signed to end the war that would end all wars. Sadly, that prediction proved false. That caused me to start thinking during a trip.

On a cool October evening last year my wife and I had a moment visiting the War Memorials of the United States. We have always been patriotic and love our country. We remembered with respect and pride those in of our family and friends who have served all of us.

Like many other Pastors, it’s been my honor to preach a lot of Veterans Funerals. In those services, I’ve reflected on the stories they gave me permission to share about their service. Visiting those Memorials we talked about many of them and their service. The Bible says, “The memory of the righteous is a blessing …” (Proverbs 10:7) We prayed together and gave thanks for those like our son who returned home safely and continued to serve. In that moment at those Memorials I felt profound gratitude for the lives of all those who have served. They had protected many with the ultimate sacrifice, what we enjoy everyday in here in America.

Here are a few photos from that night last year.




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