Choice and Sound Judgment

What are the big decisions you are faced with? How many decisions do you make daily? 
The number of choices and decisions that we make each day are increasing. You’re making choices as soon as your alarm wakes you up. Sleep a bit longer or get up, breakfast, the kids school, music, ball, dance practice, who should I marry, taking care of my aging parents where should I work, the list goes on.

Sheena Iyengar, professor of business, says we are drowning in choice. There are over 80,000 drink choices at Starbucks, the average grocery store has over 42,000 products, we have hundreds of channels on our cable tv, and over 90% of the world information has been generated in the last two years. Her research says the more choices we have it tends keep us from making a decision.

She writes also that it might not be long before genetic consultants will offer to help parent pick the color of a child’s eyes and hair, select her talents and abilities before their birth.

Obviously our choices are going to become more challenging. The ability to use sound judgment will become more important than ever with the increase of knowledge and choice. 

Yesterday, I challenged our congregation to be saturated with the Bible. The person who know how to follow Christ is the one who has soaked their minds in the Scriptures. They develop, with the help of the Holy Spirit, a deep sense of the will of God and an ability to make a wise decisions. God promises to be close to all who call on him in truth. “The Lord is righteous in everything he does; he is filled with kindness. The Lord is close to all who call on him, yes, to all who call on him in truth.” (Psalm 145:18)

Think about this quote by Dr. Bruce Waltke.

“God guides us first through His Word, then through our heartfelt desires, then the wise counsel of others, and then our circumstances. At that point we must rely on our own sound judgment. It is possible to pray, read God’s Word, seek counsel, and still not feel led by the God. That’s the time to rely on sound judgment. God gave each of a brain, and He expects us to put it to good use.” (Finding the Will of God: A Pagan Notion, Bruce Waltke, Eerdmans)


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