Synopsis 2-25-17

journal-bible-coffeeAfter putting it off for too long, I submitted to outpatient surgery to remove the excess skin obscuring my eyesight. Procrastinating was easy because other than looking droopy eyed it wasn’t stopping me from studying until lately. A field vision test persuaded me it was the correct decision.

Well, the surgery is over, and my family says I bear a striking resemblance to the Joker, Batman’s enemy. Our doorbell rang earlier, upon opening the door I frightened the man standing there. He stepped back and starting stammering.

It’ll heal, right?

My family made sure that everything needed or imagined that I would need was close by. I’m so blessed! And feel so loved!

I can’t believe that some have asked for a picture. Really! You got to be kidding me! As my grandson Nolan would say, No, No, Never, Never Ever!

The biggest challenge was not being able to read much this week. I’m forever grateful for the those who taught me to read and gave me a love for books, knowledge, and pursuing wisdom. Books are among my best friends.

Tonight is Fourth Saturday Prayer. I’m really longing to be there. We pray for those who are sick, our Woodland Family, World Missions, other churches, and concerns or needs that are brought to our attention. Please pause for a moment and continue to pray for our grandson, Dash. Pray for his health, healing and especially for his parents. But as for me, how good it is to be near God! I have made the Sovereign Lord my shelter, and I will tell everyone about the wonderful things you do.” (Psalm 73:28, NLT)

Which brings me to also give thanks for the YouVersion Bible App to be able to listen to the NLT version. What an excellent app!

My favorite verses this week were from the book of Job. “…true wisdom is not a simple matter. … An empty-headed person won’t become wise …” (Job 11:6, 12, NLT)

I’m most grateful for God’s protecting my wife from harm in a traffic accident this week.

Musically, I enjoyed, Celtic Gardens. We visited the Great Smokey Mountains frequently growing up. The music of those wonderful people captured my imagination. While visiting Scotland and Ireland I really did become fond of the music. Anyway, if you like the music of the Lord of the Rings, Celtic Woman or Enya you’ll find it relaxing. I wouldn’t go for a run with it.

The most helpful article I read this week was 8 Ways to Read (a lot) more Books this Year. I really recommend it, especially for families! It can be found here.

I’m currently reading “Rediscovering Holiness” by J. I. Packer and “Fusion” by Nelson Searcy.

Today is the 50th Anniversary of our faithful friend, mentor, encourager, and faithful example of a godly leader, Milford and Joyce Addison.

Buddy Salsman, went to heaven this week. He was one of the great youth pastors in Georgia and truly a partner in the gospel. I loved him dearly. We laughed a lot, prayed a lot, dreamed about reaching students and he was always faithful to do more than his share. Wow! What he must be experiencing with Christ right now.

Four years ago, I had the privilege of meeting once with the great thinker and theologian, Michael Novak, who died February 17. It was impressive to sit and talk with him and ask questions. I walked away from meeting with him thinking, he believes in what I do as a husband, dad and pastor and not only challenged but encouraged. I want to be like that with everyone I meet. The Wall Street Journal remembered him as “The Theologian Who Defended Capitalism.”

Thank-you for your calls and prayers this week.






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  1. Pastor, you will be missed at church tomorrow !! But I certainly understand that you would rather recover in privacy. Praying that you heal quickly…see you soon !!! Love and hugs, Lew&Brenda 🤗

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