How I Finish My Day

Happy family in colorful socks on white bed.

Finishing My Day

Finishing the day well is as important to me as beginning the day well. I sleep soundly and wake up refreshed when my day has closure. I’m up early and so I go to bed early as well. Occasionally life just doesn’t work out like that.

Last night was one of those nights when I had to be up late, at least for me.  I was up until midnight and arose this morning before 4:00 AM. It was tempting to forgo my disciplines before going to bed; but I’m so glad I didn’t. I still woke up fresh and eager to start my day.

Here’s how I finish my day.

  1. I write down what I’ve accomplished today. It helps to see the progress that is being made with my life mission personally, with my wife and family, pastorally, and in my community.
  2. Writing down the day’s accomplishments is an encouraging process for me. For some reason I really like checking things off and evaluating did this move me closer to my purpose in life.
  3. With today’s accomplishments written down it’s much easier to focus on the opportunities and challenges that come each day. The future is neither vexing or intimidating by doing this review. It doesn’t meant its not challenging however. God who sustained me today will give me strength for tomorrow.
  4. It’s important for me to note who helped me with my accomplishments today. I’m surrounded by friends, volunteers and a very capable staff that strengthen me where I am weakest. You need a team to work with. It’s a reminder to also appreciate and thank them for their work.
  5. Writing is a form of meditation for me. When I’m writing at the close of the day, it’s my way of processing what happened today. I make note (not a journal, just a note) of my:
    • Devotional time
    • Conversations
    • Correspondence
    • Books I read
    • Articles I read
    • Projects I worked on
    • Dreams
    • The thoughts I captured in my notebook or iPhone
    • Calendar
    • Anything else that comes to mind that I want to remember.
  6. When I am finished, I close the day in prayer and with a passage from the Bible.
  7. Oh yeah! Real Important! I kiss Becky good night!

It doesn’t take long just a few minutes to make a few notes and mentally and emotionally slow down. The reward is a good night’s sleep.

How do you finish your day?


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