Sometimes Christmas Makes Me Cry

Listening to Mandisa’s rendition of Joy to the World on her Christmas Joy Album is a treat. Listening to her sing it tonight, I wasn’t prepared for Matthew West and she to sing Christmas Makes Me Cry. Hmmm. I’ve played it over and over for the last hour, because the way they sing these lyrics speaks to where I’m living in this moment.

Dad has gone to heaven, Mom is mourning after 61 years of marriage, our sons are coming home for Christmas, one is a solder safely home, one is a missionary, and the youngest is coming home from college. Our daughter is here with us. We are celebrating the Christmas season with our Woodland family and then headed home to be with our families in Georgia.

The song is for me tonight. It reminds me that my entire family serves the Lord to bring the Good News that He gave His only Son that we might have the peace that comes from the forgiveness of sin.

I have tears of faithfulness and hope and joy because I know there is peace and joy for everyone to find in Christ. Take a moment and listen.


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