Proverbs Two and Work

Hi Family,

Here are our thoughts from Proverbs 2 about work and stewardship What’s yours?

  1. God’s Word should be stored up in our hearts and minds like treasure. vs 1
  2. Wisdom and understanding must be sought, studied and learned. vss 2-4
  3. Wisdom and understanding will lead you to reverence and fear the Lord and you will grow in understanding. vs 5
  4. The Bible is God’s spoken word to us! vs 6
  5. Integrity will protect you. vs 7
  6. God will protect us from unscrupulous people and bad deals. vss 8-12.


Since we are looking at our calling and work this month, I thought you’d enjoy this story from Run with Horses by Eugene Peterson.


“I once knew a man who had come to this country after World War II as a displaced person. He had been a skilled cabinetmaker in his home country but after the war had to settle for a job as sexton in a church. Not long after I became a pastor in that same church I also became a father. Toys began to accumulate around the house. Knowing of his dexterity with tools and lumber, I asked Gus if he would throw together a toy box for me when he had a few minutes. I wanted a storage bin for the toys; I knew Gus could do it in an hour or so. Weeks later he presented our family with a carefully designed and skillfully crated toy box. My casual request had not been treated casually. All I had wanted was a box; what I got was a piece of furniture. I was pleased, but also embarrassed. I was embarrassed because what I thought would be done in an off hour had taken many hours of work, I expressed my embarrassment. I laced my gratitude with apologies. His wife reproached me, “But you must understand that Gus is a cabinetmaker. He could never, as you say, ‘throw’ a box together. His pride would not permit it.” That toy box has been in our family for over fifty years now and rebukes me whenever I am tempted to do hasty or shoddy work of any kind.”

“Our heavenly Father, may we walk with you closely, like our Savior Jesus. Thank-you for the grace you have given us and may we come close daily to listen to you that we might live abundantly. For your glory and honor we pray in the name of Jesus! Amen.”


I love you real big!





3 thoughts on “Proverbs Two and Work

  1. Hello Pastor,

    Love reading Proverbs with you. I was reading through Chapter 2 and found that wisdom is a God given gift and the starting point to that wisdom is God and His Word. His Word is the source of “knowledge and understanding” (2:6)

    The biggest point I take away from this is wisdom which is a gift to us is only given to those who sincerely seek it. We should use these gifts and wisdom we seek in all aspects of our lives. In everything we do we must first trust God, make right choices, but when we do not make the right choices or fall we should learn from our errors and be restored. I love when it says in verse 4, to “and if you look for it (her) as for silver and search for it as for hidden treasure.” This tells me that wisdom is hidden from the fool who does not seek or let wisdom guide them, but when we find that the true wisdom is from God, He will guide us and reward us.

  2. A wonderful story and a lot to take to heart. We are enjoying through the Proverbs this September and taking a deeper look into work and God’s design for it. Thank-you for sharing Pastor Clanton.

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