My Beautiful Wife

100_9117.jpg“The ultimate goal of marriage (and everything else) is the glory of God.  Marriage is the arena where the husband and wife have opportunity to put on display the amazing love relationship that Christ has for His church.” Ray Rhodes, Jr

Yesterday, I stood by my wife’s side while she slept.  Her blond hair fell across her beautiful face.  Hopelessly in love with her, I lean over and kiss her softly.  She is in a deep sleep following a test at the hospital.

The doctor’s words to me, were I didn’t find any cancer cells but I did a biopsy anyway.  “Tell me again, you didn’t find any cancer, right.”  The doctor smiled and patiently said, “I understand.  No, I didn’t see any, but we did a biopsy anyway.”

For 37 years our love has grown stronger, deeper and flourished.  We’ve love each other deeply, enjoyed our life together, dreamed about ministry, lived the dream, had fun, been best friends, raised our four wonderful children, traveled the world, skied, explored caves and cities, hiked mountain trails, snorkeled and even tried camping and so much more.  Now here she is sleeping.  She will be happy with the good news.  She won’t be happy to know that the doctor also said, “No chocolate and no caffeine.”   I love you Becky!

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