“When you fast, comb your hair, wash your face.” Jesus in Matthew 6:17, NLT

“They [disciples] will fast.” Jesus in Matthew 9:15, NLT

Why do we fast?  According to the Scriptures we fast to prepare our hearts in response to sin, tragedy, poverty, injustice or before one of life’s great moments.  We don’t fast in order to get God to do something.  However in the Bible there are number of stories of God responding to a fast, thankfully.  Additionally, our Lord said, we would fast!

From the Scriptures a fast should produce penitent heart towards God in regards to our sin or the sins of a culture.  Also fasting moves us to a caring, merciful and generous spirit within us to the poor and suffering.  Fasting also prepares us for those huge moments in life, like a new direction in ministry, before our baptism or marriage.

Join me this week as we take a look at the Scriptures for some direction about fasting.  Our congregation at Woodland Church begins a 40 day period of fasting or abstaining from certain foods or activities according to their choice Wednesday, February 22.  I’ve been touched by comments like, “I can’t believe that I’m looking forward to this again” or “last year I grew as a result of observing this 40 day period with my Woodland family.”  I invite you to join us.  Let’s share this 40 days together in fasting and prayer for our nation, families, churches and one another!


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