Power and Faith

Power is good!  Power is also dangerous.  God’s attributes like power and his character have never changed.  He promises his power to his followers to accomplish good in His name.  It’s part of being a witness for him.  To be a witness meant being willing to become a martyr.  What people did with God’s power wasn’t to serve themselves.  Therefore God entrusts his power to people with pure hearts.

The heart of the Obama administration is being revealed.  It will take a great deal of humility to walk back an egregious violation of the Constitution that forbids the government from forcing a church to violate it’s doctrine.  A doctrine that considers life to be sacred.

The Administration wants them to participate in an intrinsically evil and violent act.  It further is attempting to squash conversation about the issue legally or as a topic of law.   As a USA editorial stated the “… Obama administration didn’t just cross that line. It galloped over it, requiring employers affiliated with the Catholic Church to include free birth control in their health insurance plans. That’s contrary to both Catholic doctrine and constitutional guarantees of religious freedom.”  http://goo.gl/uI4La

This argument cannot seriously be considered as making birth control pills accessible.  Birth control pills are even available on some college campuses in a vending machine.  This is another attempt to try and force the church to kneel and swear allegiance to a new Caesar, a emperor of secularism and modern liberalism.  I want to believe that the President doesn’t truly wish to attempt to forcefully banish religious freedom.  However my trust has been severely eroded by his failure to reign his fanatical advisors on issues of life, family and marriage in an ongoing cultural war.

The decision of the Obama Administration is to force by power people of faith to violate their conscience and church doctrine.  This issue matters to Protestants, Jews and Catholics alike.  Lord Acton was right, “Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.”  An American President doesn’t possess absolute power unless the governed consent to it.  That was the thinking of a great President named Lincoln.

2 thoughts on “Power and Faith

  1. So true Pastor. So many people had such high hopes for this young idealistic president. All the evidence was there to expose what his idealism truly was. A compliant media covered it up as best they could (and still are covering up as best they can for that matter). I pray for him but I don’t close my eyes to his true nature. He may mean well but his idealism is the failure, not his implementation of it. He is not a failure because he is getting his ideas implemented. The problem is that his ideas are bad and the current controversy really brings that point home. We as a people need to decide; Do we want freedom? Or do we want government to take care of us? The two can’t coexist.

  2. It is a sad day in America when our President begins to act as a “wanna be” dictator and few people complain! I’ve been watching his policy attempts for three years and have said it often to my husband–this man is trying to set some dangerous precedents! The American people need to wake up and wake up quickly or the freedoms we know will not be passed on to future generations! This is not the first time he has “trumped” the Constitution! Pre-World War Germany didn’t pay much attention to Hitler either until it was too late. This president is scary!!

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