President Obama’s Contraceptive Mandate

The President is making a poor decision under the guise of healthcare.  The Roman Catholic Church is right to challenge and protest the administration’s attempt to decide what is the correct or incorrect service it performs.  It is encouraging that Evangelicals, Catholics and Jewish groups are working together on this attempt to limit religious liberty.  Contraceptives are widely available and easily obtained.  The President and his team made foolish decision to attempt to force this upon religious organizations doing good works in and for their communities.

I encourage you to write, call and email the President, your representative and senator today to express your lack of support for this mandate.

Peace and Joy!

2 thoughts on “President Obama’s Contraceptive Mandate

  1. Pastor, we totally agree with you and do intend to write our elected officials and the president about this decision.

  2. Hi there! Your letter really matters. In a meeting at the US Capital one night one of the Senators told me that each letter represents at many others who do not take the time to write. Miss you guys!

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