Political Reading

My message at Woodland was A LETTER TO PASTORS AND POLITICIANS.  Pastors are charged with a Biblical responsibility to address issues that are political.  To refuse to do so is to not teach the whole will of God.  Biblical wisdom addresses many issues that politicians have to make decisions on that affect each of us, whether we are Christians or unbelievers.  Politics is a noble calling and those who serve in our political system need our prayers and informed involvement.  I promised some a reading list of books that I have found helpful over the years.  Here it is.  Just a couple of thoughts there are strengths and weaknesses to each of the books I suggesting and although I am a conservative I’ve learned a lot from some of my liberal friends as well.

1. God and Government by Chuck Colson

2. The Conservative Mind by Russell Kirk

3. The Divided States: What Liberals and Conservatives Get Wrong about Faith and Politics by Richard Land

4. The Case for Civility by Os Guinness

5. The Scandal of the Evangelical Mind by Mark Noll

6. The Mighty and the Almighty by Madeleine Albright

7. The Culture of Disbelief by Stephen L. Carter

8.In the Shadow of Plenty by George Grant

9 A City Upon a Hill: How Sermons changed the Course of American History by Larry Witham

10. A Christian Manifesto by Frances Schaeffer

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