Taliesin West

Jogging in the desert this week has opened my eyes to beauty that I’ve never noticed before.  The “monsoon” rains have come to Arizona’s Sonoran Desert and pink, purple, yellow and white flowers are blooming.  The fragrance from some of the cactus flowers is heavenly.  So far no rattlesnakes when I am jogging.  I ran along a canal in the desert and was stunned at the number of fish I saw.  Where did they come from?

Yesterday we visited Taliesin West, Frank Lloyd Wright’s Winter Home, Camp and Campus.  We took the guided tour of the beautiful home and it’s unique features and art collections.  Becky was invited to play Wright’s Steinway grand piano.  She didn’t hesitate and it was a beautiful moment.  Well she is a beautiful woman!

Wright wisely bought the water rights to the 600 acres and discovered a large aquifer that irrigates the place.  I’ll post a couple of photos at the end of the post.

Last night, I enjoyed a moonlight run in the desert and it’s evening fragrance.  Honestly I didn’t expect to enjoy this so much.

Peace and Joy!


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