In my life be glorified!

One of my favorite choruses in the 80s was “In my life be glorified.”  It was a prayer set to a tune that in my devotions I still sing.  It’s a prayer that God has answered by equipping us with talent, skill and abilities that we use to serve him with.  The really cool thing is those talents and skills are the thing we really enjoy doing.  Better yet we love using those skills.  When we use them to serve God with we find a fulfillment that most people only dream of in life.

Those skills that God has blessed you with will help you generate wealth that will increase your ability to care for your family, help others and give to your church’s mission.  Additionally think of this, “The Lord’s blessing brings wealth and no sorrow comes with it.” Proverbs 10:22, NCV

Do an audit on yourself.  Sit down and think about the things you enjoyed doing as a child and a teenager.  What abilities and skills do you possess?  Don’t underestimate your abilities.  Those talents that you possess are the talents that someone else needs.  And you need theirs as well.

Peace and Joy!

2 thoughts on “In my life be glorified!

  1. Hello Dennis: Really enjoy reading your page from time to time. Awesome all the Lord has done and accomplished in your life since SEBC! May He continue to use you and bless you! Doug Paglia

  2. Thanks Doug and it’s good to hear from you. We are very grateful and enjoying life with our family and congregation in Michigan. Blessings!

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