What do you love to do?

During our family devotions we discussed what each of us loved to do.  We laughed and then we asked one another was anyone surprised by their brother, sister, Becky’s or my answers.  No surprises.

What is surprising though is how many people can’t really tell you anymore what they really love to do!  (Of course don’t include eating, sleeping or sex.)  Today I asked a friend and his life has been so demanding for so long that he has lost touch with himself and the things he really likes to do.

Years ago a man was leaving my study and paused at the door and said, “Pray for my wife and I.  We are so busy with raising children, paying bills and working that we are not enjoying life anymore.”  My heart broke for him and his beautiful wife.  This couple loves God and are marvelous parents and a gift to their community.  But they had lost touch with the things that they were really good at.  Life had become maintainence so that they would not jeapordize the comfort and security they enjoyed.

God created each of us with certain things that we do very well and we happen to love doing them.  Those things are much different that we can do, it is the things we love doing.  Those talents, skills or abilities that you love are the ones that you feel ALIVE when you are doing them.

  1. Do you know what they are?
  2. Do you slow down long enough to worship God?  to trust Him to take care of you and your family?
  3. Could you write five abilities, skills or talents that you love doing right now?
Tomorrow, Discovering Your Abilities.
Peace and Joy

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