Are you listening?

President Roosevelt was tired of the events and parties where people pretended to listen respectfully.  One night he decided to try an experiment, to see if people really listened.  As each person came up to shake his hand, he smiled and said, “I murdered my grandmother today.”  The common response was, “How nice, please keep up the good work.”  Only one foreign diplomat was listening, he responded, “I’m sure she had it coming to her.”

The Holy Spirit tells us the same thing …Hebrews 10:15, GW

Listening is an acquired skill and art.  Listening means to concentrate, focus, watch, pay attention and understand or comprehend.  Listening well means learning to observe the facial and body language being spoken.  Listening is being alert, being tuned in.

Listening attentively to the Holy Spirit will bring encouragement and strength to you and others.  “The church became stronger, as the Holy Spirit encouraged it and helped it grow.” Acts 9:31, CEV

This week I’d like to share a few things about the ministry of the Holy Spirit with you.  But first why not take time to spend some time reading John 14-16 and give thanks for the presence of the Holy Spirit in your life.  And then listen!

Peace and Joy!


2 thoughts on “Are you listening?

  1. With our teenagers, we called it selective hearing. Mention something they wanted to hear and they could respond to a whisper. If it involved cleaning of any kind, then volume and repetition were the key. We respond to God in much the same way, eager to hear his voice as long as it coincides with what pleases us but if it crosses the line into dealing with things that are uncomfortable our hearing becomes selective. Guess we all are “strong willed” children.

  2. Hi Pastor, I will be looking forward to reading your entries on thie ministering of the Holy Spirit. When He speaks, all of us tend to turn our hearing aids either down or off if what He says doesn’t quite jive with what we are doing or worse, what we shouldn’t be doing and then, when He does get our attention, then we have to ask His forgiveness and start working toward getting back on the right track. Thanks for being our Pastor. I apreciate your ministry to the congregation. GOD BLESS. LeRoy

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