Is Jesus Coming May 21? Really?

The New Testament over and over encourages us with the promise of Jesus’ return.  It is the encouraging news of the Return of the King.  Remember the powerful way that Jesus announced the arrival of the Kingdom of God.  His message was profoundly life changing demonstrated with love, mercy and signs and wonder.  After His death, burial, resurrection and ascension He committed the message of the Kingdom to His Church.  The promised gift of the Holy Spirit empowered us to make disciples and baptize them in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.  He further encourages us by promising to be with us, until “the very end of the age.”  (see Matthew 28:18-19)  We look forward to His return when the Kingdom of God is clearly revealed.  It will be wonderful for those who have longed and looked for His appearing.

However, when He returns has not been revealed to us or anyone else for that matter.  The arrogance of saying judgment will fall on May 21 should not cause us to doubt that He will come, delay His coming or be embarrassed by the hope of His return.  Instead let’s demonstrate the Good News of His Kingdom by loving people as Christ did, sharing with them His Good News and pray for them to experience the gift of faith.  (see Romans 12:9-18)

He could come at any moment.  I hope it’s soon.  However there are still many people that I love and know that need to experience His amazing grace.

I’ll be speaking on this subject Sunday morning.  So if we are still here, join me!  I’m struggling with a title.  Got any ideas for me?

Love ya much!

Peace and Joy

2 thoughts on “Is Jesus Coming May 21? Really?

  1. Thank you for addressing this issue, Pastor. It is difficult always trying to remind non-believers that being a Christ follower isn’t about hating Muslims, or protesting funerals, or making off the wall predictions. If May 22nd rolls around and everybody is still here, yet more credibility will be lost. And there is a danger here that not a lot of people see. We may look at the people who follow Camping and his ideas as misguided, but this isn’t the first time somebody will have incorrectly guessed the second coming of Christ. There were at least 2 other movements I can think of that were started in the same manner: The Watchtower Society, and Seventh Day Adventist. So I will not be surprised when after May 21st, we will not see the end of Harold Camping and his predictions.

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