Wise Speech #3

“From a wise mind comes wise speech” Proverbs 16:23a, NLT

Whatever your role in life, applying yourself to wisdom will be like a tree of life to your family and friends. Wisdom begins with reverence of God in all things. Wisdom is learned and uses what one learns to glorify and honor God, serve others and thereby God says we prosper and are secure.

For someone who wants to grow in wisdom, the books of Job, Psalms, Proverbs and Ecclesiastes will reveal God’s wisdom as you live in it, meditate upon it and prayerfully apply it. In themselves they are a divine work of art.

These wonderful books are personified in the life of Christ who spoke well.

A well well written book or a well thought out letter is always a personal joy for me to read. The thoughtful words, descriptive phrases, the images that bring out the emotion, passion, or tranquility of the author’s message always draw me in. It is a real art.

Wise speech is an art as well. A book or letter can be referenced over and again. Unless it is a preserved speech the same doesn’t hold true. Therefore it remains even more important to speak well and wisely.

Truth is sacred. Always tell the truth and you won’t need a good memory.

A well chosen word can fix your message in someone’s mind forever. It’s like a nail that holds lumber together.

What is it that you want to say to your wife, child, friend, employees? Think it through. Why does it need to be said? When should it be said? If it is a budget issue you don’t want to bring that up on your date night.

Timing is important. Is this best time to share this truth? Will sharing this benefit and encourage? This week’s edition of Time magazine reveals how patient FBI Director Robert Mueller is when it comes to be sure he has all the facts.

Tone is perhaps just as important as your words. A father confessed to me over an out of town lunch one day that he had not disciplined himself to learn to use the right tone. He lost his family, even though, he believes he always spoke truthfully he spoke harshly, loudly and expected to be heard. What he said wasn’t heard at all, but what his family felt wasn’t what he said.

After over three decades of public speaking, I still stand in front of a mirror to rehearse occasionally to make sure my body language communicates what my heart and mind want to say. It really does matter.

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