Dream Again – Casting the Vision

Have you ever smelled the rain? The sky is blue and the shine is shining and you get that fresh sniff of a summer rain heading your way. The best word to describe the scent is fresh! You’re outside on a hot day and even though you can’t see it, you know its coming. If you’re watching, it won’t be long until the rain blows in gently and then leaves just as gently and the sun is back. Everything smells wonderful and the summer air is cooler and it’s just wonderful. Unless of course you’re not prepared.

Casting vision is a lot like that to me. You can smell the solution, feel the urgency of a problem that stands in the way of your reason for being. The Bible says that every good and perfect things comes from above. Vision is a gift from God. The ability to see, imagine, sketch, articulate what should be.

Jesus cast vision of the Father’s plan to give abundant life to lost people like me. He described this gift as a life of peace, joy, love and hope. He said that we would receive power in this life to live new life. He said that there would be opposition but to not be afraid of it for He had already overcome the world. Although as I type these words on a Good Friday, I understand his closest friends and followers didn’t understand the price of this vision. When you cast vision not everyone will understand the price. But the vision is worth the price. Every success I’ve enjoyed their were always people who criticized and disagreed. That didn’t mean our relationship was broken, it just meant that they didn’t see it. That’s okay. As long as I’m casting vision with the right spirit and skillfully.

The price was His death on the Cross for our sins so that God could bring out of us what he created us for. He demonstrated the amazing potential and settledness of the vision when God raised Him from the dead three days later.

Dream Again’s roots were in the vision of the Good News. Our dream was to position ourselves for more effective opportunities for sharing the gospel and demonstrating that grace by providing for the needs of orphans in Bangladesh. Becky and I cast a vision for the opportunity. Our co-chairmen and committees with the coaching of my good friend and consultant Roger Lane showed us how to overcome the obstacles. Our congregation joined together and did what was financially impossible during Metro Detroit’s economic collapse.

We were committed to not slowing down our mission during Dream Again. After all that’s what this was all about. We live, breathe, and constantly examine how are we doing on our missions statement. It too was a gift from God over a decade ago. It states simply, “Celebrating God’s love by persuading people to become passionate followers of Christ.”

My great joy is not in the success of our giving, it is that hardly a week went by that someone didn’t cross the line and commit their lives to Jesus Christ. Last Sunday when we concluded Dream Again several people committed their lives to the Lord. One particular man who accepted God’s offer of grace in Christ told me after a heartbreaking tragedy how he wondered for two years. The pain of his story was terrible. But by God’s grace he will DREAM AGAIN!

My purpose here was not to tell you how to cast a vision but simply let you know that if you can prayerfully see what God has planned, wait upon him for timing, seek help to find a way around, through, over or remove the mountains you can make it.

I am so fortunate to be surrounded with godly leaders and a great church. I’m also thankful for you who are reading.

Remember the cross tonight, worship in a Good Friday service somewhere, and have a blessed Easter.

He Lives!

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