Good Coffee and a Green Book

Starbucks has released a new and limited blend of Ethiopia Sidamo, Sumatra (two of my favorites), Columbia and Paupa New Guinea coffees. Normally I don’t like the blends of coffee, but this new coffee blend Tribute was delicious. So, I had a second cup, delicious! If you like bold tasting coffee that is tamed with a sweet mild blend, you’ll like the new Tribute. I don’t think the supply will last long.

Of course you could join me for a cup. I’d like to tell you about a book I finished reading Sunday night. The book is GREEN LIKE GOD; Unlocking the Divine Plan for our Planet by Jonathan Merritt.

This a book for Christians who take our stewardship of creation seriously. Of course all Christians should take stewardship of creation seriously. Merritt’s book takes you far past how bad it is and what you can do about it; to presenting a Biblical case for earthcare.

He also has good answers to those who try to politicize environmentalism and those who fear becoming involved with groups who hold values contrary to most conservative Christian values, like a pro-life position. One of his persuasive answers has to do with our witness. His appendix is worth the modest cost of the book.

If you’d like to read it and discuss it, let’s meet at Starbucks and have a cup of Tribute or whatever you like. Think about it, good conversation, good coffee and a good book makes a good day.

Peace and Joy!

4 thoughts on “Good Coffee and a Green Book

  1. Cindy let me know what you think about the book. The author lives in your city! By the way, Detroit is only hour and half flight for you. Becky agrees with me, come see us!

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