Fine Arts Festival at Woodland

Sometimes I laughed, other times I had tears, but throughout Sunday night’s Fine Arts Festival at Woodland I smiled with great gratitude in my heart to the Lord.  The sounds of woodwinds, brass, strings, percussion, solos, vocal solos, essays, dramas and especially the two short sermons did more for this pastor than you could ever imagine. The paintings and photographs in the foyer of Woodland demonstrate the artistic growth of Elevation.

It’s not just that they were young people.  Youth always touch our hearts.  I knew those students love Christ and want to use their talents for the glory of their Savior.  I knew how sacrificially but joyfully Pastors Mark and AJ have worked with them. I knew Carl Wilson and parents volunteered to make the delicious hors d’oeuvres so the evening would be extra special.

I was deeply stirred by the presentations and the attitude of worship.  Honestly I am encouraged by the ministry of those kids.  The church of tomorrow is going to be in good hands as we continue to disciple all of these young people.  Beyond our parenting and pastoring the Holy Spirit is working through us but He is also at work in the lives of these students.  Just look at them, more interested in ministry than performance.

Woodland is blessed beyond measure with so many talented artists.  Pastor Mark has a deep bench to draw upon.  That bench of volunteers steps up and encourages and serves these kids.  They have mentors that reach out to them ensuring that they not only have artistic mentors but ministry mentors as well.  Why?  They are compelled by love of course!

Peace and Joy!

3 thoughts on “Fine Arts Festival at Woodland

  1. I agree Pastor. They were very impressive with their talents and their faith. It looks like Woodland’s youth is headed in the right direction!

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