Christmas is Love

One of my favorite warm and fuzzy Christmas songs is by Alabama, “Christmas is Love.”  Who can think of Christmas without thinking of love.  Love is the life that Jesus Christ lived.  He gave his unconditional, sacrificial loving life to save us from our sins.  This Christmas think of the people that God are especially close to you.  Your spouse, children, a small group at church, close personal friends those are people that God has called you to love unconditionally, belief in, and help them live a full and abundant life.  When we do that we are living out Christmas love!

Oh, the chorus of the song is:

“Christmas is love, a warm and friendly feeling

Christmas is love, just hear the church bells ring

Christmas is love, its sharing in the giving

Christmas is love, Christmas is love, Christmas is love.”

This Christmas write down the names of the people that God has brought into your life to love unconditionally, sacrificially and with the same forgiveness He has given you.  Daily think of a way that you can pray for them, do good for them, and help them live out the dream God has for them.

Peace and Joy!

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