Just random thoughts- June 25, 2010

I’m very grateful for the people who continue to mentor and pray for me.  This week, I’ve been challenged to begin writing, to make decisions that I believe strongly in, to trust the guidance I receive in prayer but be willing to share it with others, and to be steadfast in my calling as a pastor.

Those are areas that I’ve never doubted but when your mentors speak those very things into your life, its encouraging.

I thought about some men and women in my younger days who were a constant source of teaching, encouragement and role models for me.  I’ve been reflecting on who were my heroes?  Who did I want to be like?  Interesting!

I made a decision last week to resume my weekly day off.  For various reasons, I’ve been unable or unwilling to let go for the last few weeks.  Frankly I was amazed at how much energy and fresh thinking I experienced after a Sabbath.  I shouldn’t have been but God designed us for a day of rest each week.

Also, this week, no deserts, just good healthy foods.  Food is fuel as well as pleasure.  I’m feeling the difference already.  But boy do I want some french fries!!

My family gave me an iPad for Father’s Day.  Rather they gave me the money for an iPad.  How did they ever know??  Anyway, I ordered, the 3g version and it won’t be here until July 26th.  ARRGH!!  Thanks guys!

Our Creative Arts Pastor taught this week on St. Augustine.  Go to http://www.woodland-church.com and listen to it.  Very good stuff.

Lots of meetings this week.  Most were productive!  Some, I had to just keep it moving, to get to the point.  I don’t mind meetings, I mind pointless meetings.  Err!

Do I sound grumpy?  Hope not.

Missed being away from blogging, Facebook and most email this week.  I would have never thought there would be people I could become virtual friends with that I have never met.  Wow!

Leadership lesson for the future.  Sometimes as a pastor there are matters that you have to deal with, like Moses’ father in law taught him in Exodus.  Your agenda basically has to be placed on hold.  It’s learning to be sensitive to those divine interruptions in life.  Go back and pick up the agenda when you’re done with the urgent but important.

Peace and Joy!

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