iBelieve in the Holy Spirit #2

[Jesus] “will baptize you with the Holy Spirit and fire.” Matthew 3:11

When I was younger I was totally fascinated by the concept of the Holy Spirit as fire.  Fire was power.  Fire would overcome the powers of darkness.  Power!  I would pray for it.  We would sing about with it, “O Lord send the power” and “There is power!”

I still desire the power of God!   However, the fire of the Holy Spirit consumes the self centeredness of life.  It’s as dangerous to the Christian’s own carnality as it is to the powers of hell.  The fire spreads and consumes all that is in the path of God.

Remember how on the Day of Pentecost tongues of fire sat upon the heads of those in the upper room.  (Acts 2)  Those tongues of fire symbolized the presence and power of God coming upon those believers.  What’s interesting to me, is those believers had power but they were completely fascinated with Jesus.  There is a warmth and fellowship of those early believers that is totally marked by a consuming love for Christ.

Their love for Christ had led to their baptism in the Holy Spirit and fire.  Their passion for Christ led to a passion for lost people.  The fire spread until Jerusalem was turned upside down and the Roman Empire was conquered by the love of Christ.

The Holy Spirit is not some lower level member of the Trinity.  He is the Spirit of God.  He is Christ dwelling among us. As Christ conquered hearts by His love, drove out demons by His power and fed the hungry with two fish and five biscuits, that same power and love of God dwells with us.  Let’s welcome Him to make us like Christ and share the life of Christ with each other and the lost.

Peace and Joy!

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