iBelieve in the Holy Spirit

My message Sunday was “iBelieve in Jesus.”  I believe in Him and I love him.  My love is imperfect but, oh I love Him.  For all that I could ever hope to say about Jesus, I’ve come to know through the loving work of the Holy Spirit.  The Holy Spirit also helps us to know Jesus through the Bible and the fellowship of the church.

The Holy Spirit’s effect upon my life, is insatiable and addicting.  Once your life has been wooed and filled by His presence, nothing else satisfies.  Mercifully I’ve been touched by His fire.  I’ve drank the Living Water.  I’ve been anointed with oil.  I’ve been baptized into the Body of Christ by the Holy Spirit.  His work leaves me always with the desire for more of Christ.

Please understand its not emotional experience that I write of.  Although at times my emotions are deeply moved.  The experience of pure joy in His presence, sometimes a quiet holy laugh of joy from deep within, and sometimes its tears.  But its not the emotion I seek.  I think that’s dangerous.  I’ve seen far too many seek joy, laughter, mysticism but fail to seek the Savior.

It’s Jesus, that the Holy Spirit always draws us to.  It’s Jesus that becomes the center of our world.  Yet Jesus waits at the right hand of the Father for the word to come and receive His Church.   The Holy Spirit, however moves, hovers and dwells among us.

It is the Holy Spirit who draws us close together, makes us one and gives us communion and community as a church.  “By means of His One Spirit, we all said good-bye to our partial and piecemeal lives.” 1 Corinthians 12:12, Message

Christians recognize the person of the Holy Spirit, but often there is great confusion about His work among us.  Sometimes its because of lifelessness that confesses belief in a creed that doesn’t change a life.  Sometimes it is the orgiastic emotion of a late night television evangelist, whipping a crowd into a frenzy.

If you sincerely want to see the work of the Holy Spirit, look for the deeds, teachings and character of Jesus in a life or congregation.  There you will find life, community, fruitfulness and a satisfying addiction that will bring harm to none and life to all!

Don’t be deceived by the joy and peace though.  The symbols of the Holy Spirit are powerful, Wind and Fire!  We’re talking about God here.  You can’t cage Him, box Him or contain Him!  What’s it all mean?

Tomorrow, the Fire of the Holy Spirit!

Peace and Joy!

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