God doesn’t keep a list

“I don’t keep a list of your sins.” Isaiah 43:25b, Message

Once a week I sit down and review my journal entries and reflect on the areas and disciplines of my life where I have fallen short.  They are the things that I feel guilty about.  I know that my attitude has been wrong, my words harsh or I promised more than I fulfilled, a responsibility ignored.  I write them down on a paper tablet.  It’s amazing how that clarifies for me my sins.  I take those to God in prayer and seek his forgiveness.  Occasionally it means going to someone and asking their forgiveness.

The value in this discipline for me is this.  It becomes perfect clear to me actions could become habits.  It’s clear who I need to go to and seek their forgiveness.  It brings great joy into my life walking with a clear conscience and good relationships.  Peace with God through Christ and one another!

Oh, yes, I shred the list.  God keeps no record.  Once my failures are dealt with, why should I?

Peace and Joy!

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