Learning to forgive

“Forgive us our sins, for we also forgive everyone who sins against us.” Luke 11:4

Tonight while I was out for a walk, I thought of how God knew all about me and yet He still loves, protects and blesses me.  What may surprise me about myself, is not a surprise to Him.  What may surprise you about me does not surprise God.

However, He does teach me to confess my sins.  I am grateful for His compassion.  My gratitude is demonstrated by forgiving those who have sinned against me.  There is a relationship to redemptive change and becoming a forgiving person.

Do you remember the story Jesus told of the ungrateful man who was forgiven a enormous debt he couldn’t pay?  Forgiveness and mercy were shown to him when he asked for it.  Almost immediately he showed no mercy or forgiveness to someone who owed him a small debt.  When his debtor asked him for forgivness, he refused and had him incarcerated.

Jesus’ equated this horrid man’s evil to blasphemy.  The wicked man came under a severe judgment for his failure to forgive.

Forgiven?  Yes.  Forgiving.  God help me to be like Jesus!

Peace and Joy!

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