St. Patrick #5

Patrick’s love for God and his passion to reach the Irish people gave us some important lessons for reaching, relating and loving people.  Although the Irish were considered barbarian and pagan, Patrick understood  them, their language, their culture and above all loved them.

1. Build relationships with lost people.  We are called into the world but to be separate from the values of worldliness.

2. Work at understanding and engaging your community.  People will know God cares when we care.

3. Serve with other believers.  Patrick would travel with a team and establish small groups of believers into churches.

4. Spend time alone with God.  Patrick and his followers knew the importance of prayer.  Let God speak to you in silence.

5. Have a prayer partner.

6. Be in an accountable and encouraging small group.

7. Memorize key scriptures.

8. Worship with your children.  Remember Patrick although unconverted, was taught the Scriptures and the catechism.

9. Remember God is in control.

10. Expect a miracle when needed.

In my community there are many people who have never been to church and do not understand why it is so important to us.  If we remain in the walls of our buildings in a closed fellowship then we have missed the missional fervor of Patrick.  In a real way we are standing on the shoulders of those who have come before us.  Let’s learn the lessons and be strong shoulders for the next generation.

Peace and Joy!

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