North American Auto Show

I visited the North American Auto Show with a friend and former board member today.  It’s an event that Detroit’s big three always show their stuff off.  This year, GM and Chrysler’s displays are smaller with less product.

The Chevrolet Volt is impressive.  The government is not releasing MPG yet, but with the ability to continue to recharge its batteries this could really be a way to seriously cut oil consumption.  We got take a ride in a 6,000 pound Yukon that is a hybrid.  Our short ride was on all-electric power.  The acceleration was quick and quiet, to my surprise.

Ford has an impressive display and helpful techs and models to answer your questions.  The new SHO is really sharp.  The one that I wanted to drive was the Mustang!  I could see Becky and me driving through the Smokies with the top down in the summer.  (I miss summer!)  I don’t know why they put a backseat in the car.  You can’t put your feet and legs back there!  You got check out the Ford Fiesta and Focus as well.  Of course the Fusion Hybrid is still a keeper.

Ford and GM both showed some fresh ideas and styling.  Looking at Ford’s line up you can understand why their stock prices are rising.  However, the sticker price is rising as well.

If you go take the time to go downstairs and go for a ride on electric avenue.  I’ll post some more pictures later.  However check out the Maybach photos following this post.

One thought on “North American Auto Show

  1. It sure is nice to hear such optimism with the auto industry after such a downturn. I am also proud to be a “ford” worker at this time. They really do have a great product line out there now. We purchased a ford Escape a month or so ago, and really are pleased with it. Thanks for the report Pastor!

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